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Cleansing Charcoal Facial Scrub

Cleansing Charcoal Facial Scrub


Super charcoal to the rescue! A mask using ingredients known for reducing acne on the face and body. Provides a natural antibacterial great at absorbing toxins in your skin.


*Colors may vary

  • Directions:

    Depending on the needs of your skin, it can be used anywhere from one to three times a week.


    1. Apply a small amount of the scrub to wet skin.
    2. Use gentle circular motions to scrub and was the face.
      • Avoid the immediate eye area.
    3. Rinse off.
    4. Follow with moisturizer or other skin care.
  • Ingredients:

    Natural Castile Liquid Soap Base, Hazelnut & Tamanu Oils, Kaolin Clay, White Jojoba Beads, Activated Charcoal, Optiphen and Essential Oil

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil

     Fresh camphoraceous scent similar to eucalyptus.


  • Size:

    • Dimensions 2.25" (L) x 2.25" (H)
    • Net Weight 4.5 oz
  • Inventory Availability:

    This site will only allow you to request the quantity that we currently have in stock. If you would like to request a larger quantity of an item, and it is not available, you can navigate to the Contact Us section to place a request.

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