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Turmeric & Ginger Soap

Turmeric & Ginger Soap


Turmeric and ginger has been spicing up peoples lives since ancient times as a remedy to even out skin tones.

Benefits of Turmeric:

  • Revive your skin
  • Regulate skin tone
  • Fght body acne and
  • Heal light scarring


*Colors may vary

  • Ingredients:

    Coconut, Palm, Canola, Olive Fruit, Sweet Almond, and Castor Seed Oils, Vitamin E, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Turmeric Powder, Titanium Dioxide, Colorant and Essential Oil

  • Ginger Essential Oil:

    This effervescent, bright oil is extracted from the fresh root of the ginger plant. The spicy, bright and recognizable scent is well known for its anti-oxidant properties.

  • Size:

    • Dimensions 2.25" (L) x 1" (W) x 3" (H)
    • Net Weight 3.9 oz
  • Inventory Availability:

    • This site will only allow you to request the quantity that we currently have in stock. If you would like to request a larger quantity of an item, and it is not available, you can navigate to the Contact Us section to place a request.
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